About Us

About boxorandyos

We are a group of individuals and local businesses working together to help each other. We have connections in many different fields from technology to manufacturing to automotive and beyond. We have become a brand that many people have learned to recognize and trust.

Obviously we all need to make money so its not about getting everything free in life. Its about trust and being there for each other when we need help in business or life in general. Its a win-win-win sitation for all involved.

We are also partners with and resellers for quite a few large companies.

You can see some of the areas that we are involved in on the partners page on our website.

Enough about us, now its time to talk about you.

There are two groups of people that contact us or visit out website.

1) Those who are looking for a connection that they can trust to do some work for them or supply a product for them.

2) Those who are looking for a business family that they can partner with.

Either way you came to the right place.

If you fall under option 1 you might find our partners page to be quite helpful. Otherwise feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for or what you think you can bring to the table that will benefit the team.